Welcome to Murray Hill Galleries, Inc., dealers of antiques and collectables since the 1950ís.  Murray Hill Galleries was originally formed as part of Harmerís of New York but remained dormant until 2002 when the company came under the full control of Keith A. Harmer to serve him after his retirement from H.R. Harmer, Inc.

The materials offered through Murray Hill Galleries are a reflection of Keithís eclectic areas of expertise and passions.  Philately is the primary area of activity for Murray Hill.  Drawing from over 40 years of personal experience and three generations of family heritage, Keith remains active in the stamp hobby by offering his several areas of services.

Appraisal services.  Whether you are an experienced collector familiar with the multitude of factors that contribute to the value of your collection or a legal professional who needs an appraisal values on behalf of a client, Murray Hill Galleries can help. Click on the link to the left to learn more about our Appraisal Services.

   Consultation services.  Whether you are buying or selling a significant single item or an entire collection, click on the link to the left to see how you can put Murray Hillís experience to work for you.

  Private Treaty Management.  Years of experience in the industry gives Murray Hill the ability to connect the right buyer to the right seller.  Click on the link to the left for more information on Private Treaty Management.

Dealerís Stock.  Murray Hill Galleries offers several items for sale from its inventory.  For a listing of available items click on the Stamp or Philatelic Materials link to the left under Items Available.

Management Services.  If the modern complexities and demands distract from the attention your collection deserves, Murray Hill collection management services can help.  The management services link can provide more information.

Digital Preservation.  Modern technology offers collectors the opportunity to preserve their collection in digital format making sharing your interest and hobby easier.  Click on Digital Preservation to learn more about this exciting new opportunity.

Collectables.  Years of experience makes Murray Hill comfortable offering items and advice in the following areas: Classic Automobiles, Vintage Racing Vehicles, Autographs, Art and Collectables. Click on the appropriate link to learn more.

Estate Management Services. Trusties and Clients have looked to Keith Harmer and the Harmer family to help manage complex and difficult situations for decades.  To learn how Murray Hill Galleries can assist in this area, click on the link.

Thank you for your interest!